Road to Emmaus Ministry of Syracuse, Inc.

Planned Giving

As you consider a legacy gift, join us on a journey with one of our guests.

Mark Hennessy was walking the streets, barefoot, hair and beard overgrown, disheveled, and without direction. Upon entering Emmaus Ministry’s door, he was given a cup of coffee and a welcoming voice, asking if he wanted a fresh meal, hot shower, haircut, and clean clothes. Mark’s response, “Cool”, signaled the beginning of a journey that transformed Mark and all who had the pleasure of encountering him.

It was a long journey, with many hurdles to clear, but a journey filled with love that created a new man, making his way into the hearts of volunteers and guests alike.

Through your assistance, Mark regained his health, had his veteran’s benefits reinstated, and his dignity restored. During the year that he visited the center, Mark made many friends who cared for him, ate with him, and laughed with him.

When his health declined, Mark was able to live in a nursing home, visited daily by volunteers who had become his new family. Eventually, his difficult life on the streets took its toll and Mark passed away. He did so with dignity, in a setting filled with love and compassion that had been missing from his life for a great many years.

Through a gift from a benefactor, such as yourself, a funeral was held at Emmaus with full military honors.

This transformation, from a nameless, faceless person wandering the streets of Syracuse, into a dignified friend is only made possible with the support of our donors. When people enter Emmaus Ministry’s door, they enter into a life of love, hope, and compassion. Without the center that you support, our friends who are homeless and needy would remain in situations surrounded by despair, hunger, and hopelessness.

Programs to serve those in need in Syracuse will continue to be in demand. Emmaus Ministry has grown into a successful organization that serves those in need by providing meals, groceries, children’s books, showers, clothing, and free dental and medical services with your assistance. As we continue to grow and provide, we ask that you consider providing a legacy gift so that others, like Mark, will be provided a chance to restore dignity to their lives and become a great asset to the Syracuse community.

Planning a legacy gift can be done with your financial advisor. Your advisor will be able to talk to you about the many options available, including bequests, trusts, qualified distributions, life insurance, and much more.

 Once you have discussed planned giving with your financial advisor, please contact Sheila Austin at 315.928.5191, or via email at [email protected].