St James Emmaus Ministry

Hope Mobile

hope_mobileThe Hope Mobile has allowed the ministry to go to the periphery and serve the isolated, whether it is on the streets, at the Rescue Mission or underneath bridges.  The poor and homeless do not have the means to access services and necessities. The Hope Mobile brings food, clothing, and toiletries to the homeless, hungry and poor into their own environment…wherever that may be!  The Hope Mobile brings hot water, basins, washcloths, towels and toiletries to encampments so that the homeless can bathe, wash their hair and brush their teeth.   The Hope Mobile is a clear and distinct image of the Catholic Church in action, extending mercy to others and restoring dignity.    < Learn more about our other ministries


Hope-Mobile1The Hope Mobile ready for the streets.
Hope-Mobile2Going grocery shopping for the hungry.
Hope-Mobile3On the street providing coffee and donuts.
Hope-Mobile4Lemoyne College student helps serve coffee and donuts.

Hope-Mobile5Bringing food, drink and socks to the homeless.
Hope-Mobile6Transporting donated winter coats.