St James Emmaus Ministry

Foot Washing


On Holy Thursday of 2008, Emmaus volunteers went to the Catholic Charities Men’s Shelter to care for the feet of the homeless. Volunteers washed, clipped nails, smoothed calluses, applied lotion and powder, and put a new pair of socks on their feet.  Each man received a new pair of sneakers.  That evening, we were reminded of Jesus, washing the feet of His disciples, as we cared for them through this most profound gesture of love. That intimate and humble act clarified for the ministry, that we are indeed disciples of Christ. We continue Washing of the Feet every Holy Thursday.   However, due to the poor condition of their feet, it was evident that night that we commit to provide foot care on a monthly basis. 

Volunteers from many parishes provide foot care
A life transformed now gives back to others
Foot care is provided once a month
Offering opportunities to develop trust

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