St James Emmaus Ministry

Run Your Faith

run_your_faithRun Your Faith is a new ministry that strives to connect Syracuse area runners to Emmaus Ministry, bringing awareness of the plight of the homeless and poor that exists in our city. Run Your Faith distributes Bible bibs at races with Luke 24:31 “their eyes were opened, and they recognized him”, which reminds us that as we are more aware of the homeless in our presence, we recognize the presence of Christ in all people. Many runners have donated their new or slightly used running shoes to Run Your Faith’s Shoe Collection for the benefit of the poor and homeless. < Learn more about our other ministries

A Run Your Faith Disciple
Pinning Bible Bibs on runners
Emmaus Run Your Faith Inaugrial 2015
Run Your Faith Runner at the finish line

Runners donated sneakers for the poor

Run Your Faith shoe collection at local race
“To The Streets” ministry delivers donated running shoes