St James Emmaus Ministry

Homeless Advocacy and Prevention

legalDuring 2012-2014, several students from Syracuse University St. Thomas Moore Legal Society volunteered with Emmaus Ministry to bring coffee, sandwiches, socks, toiletries and other essentials to some of Syracuse’s poor, homeless and marginalized.  The experiences and relationships had an impact on one student who since graduation, spearheaded an idea on behalf of Emmaus Ministry, to provide free legal advise and referrals for issues that often keep a homeless individual from moving forward.  Such conditions are child modification, divorce and employment issues.  January 2016 saw the fruits of those labors.  The Homeless Advocacy and Prevention clinic is now a reality at the Catholic Charities Emergency Shelter for Men on a biweekly basis!  This volunteer legal service is under the Volunteer Legal Program of Onondaga County office.  For more information, contact Derek English, Esq., at

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